Is it cross or is it X (as in ex)? That is the age-old debate between gamers since the PlayStation debut back in the nineties all the way to the PS4 today. Everyone you meet calls it something else and you may have been going along with your beliefs this whole time being completely wrong. What are those symbols called on the DualShock controller?

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Sony officially ended the debate and set the world right after tweeting a series of hilarious tweets in response to a Twitter user’s question. The user tweeted “do you say “x” or “cross” button” in which a someone replied saying “Anyone who says cross is a cop”, which makes total sense.

PlayStation UK then tweeted saying “If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?

The series of tweets continued as Sony reinforced the fact that X is a cross and not an “X”. If the triangle is a triangle and circle is a circle, square is a square, then x is a cross. “X” is a shape along with the rest of the symbols.

So there you have it. The PlayStation symbols found on the DualShock controller are indeed Triangle, Circle, Square and the Cross button (not ex). The next time you are playing PS4, use the correct terminology, please and correct your friends too, you have the knowledge now to do so.

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