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Please Play The Adorable Tokyo Olympic Games Google Doodle

Today’s Tokyo Olympic Games Google Doodle is not to be missed. Inspired by the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games, the playable 16-bit video game follows a ninja cat named Lucky in the Doodle Champion Island Games. The art is inspired by Japanese culture and sports and has been created by Japanese animation house Studio 4°C.

Believe it or not but the entire experience is a fully-fledged game that sees players pick a team and participate in a range of cool mini-games. As you progress through these games, you earn score that contributes to the four teams Google is tracking in a global leaderboard. This makes the Tokyo Olympic Games Google Doodle a constant competition.


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Starting off the game, players can choose between either team Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green. Each team has a leader also inspired by Japanese culture. There is Ushi the cow, Karasu the crow, Kappa the turtle and Inari the fox. The game then follows seven mini-games that are taken from the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games. These include the likes of skateboarding, mountain climbing, table tennis and more.

Tokyo Olympic Games Google Doodle

Each game is also led by a unique Legendary Champion that players can beat in order to rack up even more score. It is quite an incredible package. It also helps that the Tokyo Olympic Games Google Doodle is presented with such beauty thanks to its addictive 16-bit soundtrack and cute anime art. There’s also lots to do in the game including all the mini-games, side quests and loads of NPCs to talk to. I can’t help but feel as if this game should always be playable.

If you want to play the Google Doodle then just head on over to The Tokyo Olympic Games doodle is playable on both desktop and mobile browsers. I actually played the full thing on my phone even though the touch screen controls are a bit wonky at times.

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