Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure System Detailed – Coming Early 2020

Niantic Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure System
Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure System Detailed – Coming Early 2020

Niantic first announced the upcoming Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure system last month. The feature allows players to use the existing buddy system in a whole new way by bringing your selected buddy to life using advanced AR technology.

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Niantic has finally revealed more details about the upcoming system in a new blog post and a trailer showcasing some charming gameplay. Niantic revealed that the new Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure system will make use of the existing AR+ mode which launched back in 2017 and will take advantage of both iOS and Android’s advanced AR visualizations.

When a player activates the Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure system they will be able to see their buddy Pokemon more realistically blended into the real world around them. Players can then interact with them, feed them snacks and bond together. These Pokemon will then grow over time and earn special perks the more you make use of the feature. Higher levels unlock better perks for your Pokemon.

Each Pokémon has different quirks and ways to express itself. Watch closely to see a diverse range of movements and expressions, whether you and your buddy are playing together or exploring the world around you. Along with feeding your buddy, you can also play with it. Watch what your buddy does when you interact with it in AR+ mode. Different Pokémon react in different ways.

Niantic will also roll out the new Shared AR Experience mode which let’s two players exist in the same AR world together. You will be able to see a friend’s buddy Pokemon, interact with it and also take pictures together. This shared mode is scheduled for release soon after the Buddy Adventure.

Take a look at the cute Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure trailer showcasing the game’s new mode;

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