Pokemon Legends Z-A Connection Pokemon Scarlet Violet
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Pokemon Legends Z-A Connection Found in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet

Last month during the Pokemon Presents showcase, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company officially unveiled Pokemon Legends Z-A, the follow-up to Legends Arceus from developer Game Freak. The teaser only revealed that the game will primarily take place in Lumiose City, confirming that we’ll be returning to the Kalos region from Pokemon X/Y sometime in 2025. Now, fans have discovered a potential connection to Legends Z-A in 2022’s Pokemon Scarlet/Violet.

As reported by Eurogamer, Reddit user KyleLaverre spotted a sign in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet that uses the same font as Pokemon Legends Z-A‘s announcement trailer. The cryptic lettering is seen outside the Paldea Realty Flagship Building, which is the exact same cryptic font seen in the Legends Z-A trailer. What it means is anyone’s guess, though now fans believe that this was an intentional connection or tease left in the game by Game Freak.

We still know nothing about the story of Pokemon Legends Z-A, though given the subtitle of the game and its apparent connection to Pokemon X/Y, it’s speculated that this is the long-rumoured Pokemon Z game that was the subject of many theories over the years. However, it also falls under the Legends spin-off series so it’s not necessarily a mainline entry. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo and Game Freak have been cooking all these years.

Pokemon Legends Z-A Connection Pokemon Scarlet Violet

As for what’s next for the Pokemon series apart from Legends Z-A, there’s a good chance that Game Freak is currently working on the next generation Pokemon game which is expected to launch on Nintendo’s next console nicknamed the “Switch 2” by fans.

In related news, Nintendo successfully sued Tropic Haze, the creator of the popular Yuzu and Citra emulators, for $2.4 milllion. As a result, both emulators were pulled from the internet. Yuzu was considered by players to be the most reliable Switch emulation software alongside Citra, which was one of the only 3DS emulators available online.

Source: Eurogamer

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