DeNA Has “No Plans” to Release Pokémon Masters in South Africa

Bad news for those of you who want to join in on the fun in the latest Pokémon Masters mobile game to land on iOS and Android. According to the official Pokémon Masters Support account, DeNa has no plans to release the game in South Africa at all.

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The news comes from a Pokémon GO community member who reached out to the developer to find out when the mobile game would land on South African mobile stores. The response was grim;



We really appreciate your interest in Pokémon Masters! With respect to your inquiry, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the game is not planned to be released in South Africa. That being said, rest assured that your voice will be passed along to the team in charge.


Thank you for your kind understanding. 

Pokémon Masters released yesterday for iOS and Android in Indonesia, India, UK, US, Japan, Singapore and Pakistan but the game was yet to be available in SA. It has been out in Australia since June where DeNA began testing the app.

This is not good news at all for SA but it is not the first time we have taken the backseat. The previously-released Pokémon Rumble mobile game has yet to release in South Africa after its “worldwide” launch earlier this year and Nintendo’s Dr Mario mobile port is also missing off local stores, of which released in June. Pokemon Rumble was developed by Ambrella but like Master, licensed by The Pokemon Company.

Pokémon Masters

Looking past the bad news, perhaps the support forum where this information came from was unaware of the current plans for the game and we could see it roll out in SA in the coming months but don’t get your hopes up.

Pokémon Masters marks the first mobile collaboration between DeNa and The Pokémon Company and so far the feedback from those able to play it has been extremely positive. The free-to-play app sees the island of Pasio come to life in a new way as it adds old character and monsters from previous games and series into one mobile experience. Players team up and battle it out in 3v3 combat as they use the creatures they have caught to rise to the top.

Gaming | Mobile | DeNA Has “No Plans” to Release Pokémon Masters in South Africa
Gaming | Mobile | DeNA Has “No Plans” to Release Pokémon Masters in South Africa






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