Pokemon Presents February 2024 Everything Announced Pokemon Legends ZA
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Pokemon Presents February 2024 – Everything Announced

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company recently held a Pokemon Presents livestream for February 2024, showcasing everything new and exciting coming to the world and multimedia franchise of Pokemon. In addition to bringing the Trading Card Game experience to mobile phones, a new mainline Game Freak game titled Pokemon Legends ZA, which will feature the return of Mega Evolution.

The livestream kicked off with a handful of merchandise and mobile updates, though minor ones, for Pokemon GO (which features a new crossover), Pokemon Unite, Pokemon Cafe Remix, Pokemon Masters EX and Pokemon Sleep, which is adding some new Pokemon to the list of available monsters to help you manage your sleep schedule.

However, one of the big announcements was the reveal of Pokemon: Trading Card Game Pocket from Creatures Inc. Essentially, this will allow you to collect and trade Pokemon cards via your mobile phone. Players will be able to tear open new packs that unveil a handful of cards from the official Trading Card Game. The game is currently scheduled to launch on Android and iOS sometime in 2024, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

The Pokemon Presents livestream closed with the announcement of Pokemon Legends ZA, the next Pokemon game from Game Freak and follow-up to Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Not much is known about it, though the teaser trailer’s confidential files revealed the iconic Lumiose City as a location, meaning it’s all but confirmed that we’ll be returning to the Kalos region featured in Pokemon X and Y. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long wait as it’s only expected to arrive in 2025.

With rumours of the Nintendo Switch 2 launching in early 2025, it’s possible that Pokemon Legends ZA could be a launch title for the next-gen system or at best, a cross-gen release.

Watch the full Pokemon Presents livestream below:

Source: The Pokemon Company

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  • Nikki_boagreis 9 March 2024

    Kinda just assumed that Pokemon Legends ZA would be a Switch 2 launch title.

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