Free Pokemon Rumble Rush Mobile Game is Coming Soon to iOS and Android
Pokemon Rumble Rush
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Usually, when Nintendo announces a new game, it takes a while to release. Pokemon Rumble Rush, on the other hand, is already out but not everywhere right now.

The free mobile game is currently only available in Australia on Android and iOS but plans to release everywhere else very soon. Pokemon Rumble Rush is very similar to the other entries in the Rumble series that released on Wii back in 2009. You collect and upgrade clockwork Pokemon toys that you use to play through stages and fight other Pokemon toys.

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The mobile game will see you venture across a selection of islands and seas with different Pokemon being encountered at different levels as you travel across the game. New levels will be rotated out every two weeks with new Pokemon to obtain during rotations and “Super Boss Rush” events.

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The game seems to be made for that typical “on the go” approach with expected in-game purchases (as mobile games do) and a large emphasis on its ever-expanding world. It also seems to be playable with one hand, something Nintendo tries hard to make possible for ease of use.

Pokemon Rumble Rush should be available in the coming weeks for other territories as Australia is often used as a market to test online capabilities of mobile games before rolling them out to other regions. Currently, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is also only available in Australia too.






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