Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Features Rideable Pokemon, Raids and More in New Trailer

"To Paldea this November"

Pokemon Scarlet Violet New Trailer Legendary Rideable Pokemon Multiplayer Paldea Region
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Features Rideable Pokemon, Raids and More in New Trailer

Nintendo showcased a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the recent Pokemon Presents livestream. The developers discussed several new details about the upcoming mainline Pokemon game, including rideable legendary Pokemon, the open-world region of Paldea, Gyms and Gym Leaders, multiplayer, raids and more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will, for the first time in the series, feature Pokemon that essentially double as rideable motorcycles. These take the form of legendary Pokemon Koraidon (exclusive to Scarlet) and Miraidon (exclusive to Violet). Additionally, they can also transform into gliders as methods of flight and even a surfboard. These Pokemon can be used from the start of the game as transport across the new region of Paldea.

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Nintendo spent a bit of time talking about Paldea and everything that players will come across. It will feature a full open-world design that players can traverse from the get-go. Eight Gyms have been confirmed for the region, each including traditional Gym Leaders, with players being able to tackle them in any order they choose.

Terastal Pokemon were also introduced, which is a new mechanic that changes the design and stats of your Pokemon. They’re able to crystalise and change the appearance of your Pokemon such as flowers and balloons on their heads, among other accessories. Every Pokemon in the region will be able to Terastalize, which also includes stat increases – some even adopting new types as part of the process.

Taking it a step further, Nintendo also introduced Terastal Raid Battles. A team of up to four players will be able to tackle powerful Terastal Pokemon as a group. However, this time players will be able to attack in any order they want and at any time they want. Players can freely explore Paldea in squads of four, though it’s unclear how shared progress will work yet.

Finally, the Pokedex has been greatly expanded to feature new Pokemon as well as additional details.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches on 18 November 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below.

Source: The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel

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