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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gets Unofficial 60FPS Mod

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might be Nintendo’s biggest-selling games in history but they suffer from some horrible performance issues. Most of the time, the game fails to hit 25FPS with it often dropping to as low as 15FPS during some parts of the game. Given the Nintendo Switch’s sad piracy issues, this means often users can simply download the ROM from certain games and play them on PC through emulators.

Emulators, while being highly illegal to certain degrees, do come with their own advantages. One is the power of the PC they are running on. They are able to take advantage of the GPU and CPU in the PC meaning games aren’t restricted to the usual Nintendo Switch hardware performance. Thanks to this, people have now been able to mod a 60FPS mode for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and it looks incredibly smooth.

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The mod is currently in testing but Twitter user theboy181 has showcased some of the gameplay you can expect from it. It shows them sprinting through the world at a solid 60FPS without any stuttering or frame rate drops.

Of course, this is unlikely possible on the Nintendo Switch itself. The console, which was released back in 2016, isn’t the most powerful gaming device on the market and has suffered from some nasty performance hiccups of late. However, many believe that the latest Pokemon and Scarlet performance issues aren’t related to the hardware. Instead, fans think that Game Freak just didn’t optimize the experience.

Nintendo has yet to comment on the state of the games. Game Freak has yet to release any information on a performance update for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet either.

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