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Pokemon Scarlet ROM Leaks Online

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are just a week away from launch and while fans are anticipating the release next week, they are now also actively avoiding spoilers after the ROM for the game leaked online.

Earlier this week we reported on the news that retailers in Spain leaked the game early. However, it seems that someone has now managed to extract the Pokemon Scarlet ROM from the cartridge and upload it online. This means users with hacked Nintendo Switch consoles are able to download and install the game earlier than expected.

This is not the first time Nintendo has suffered from Pokemon games leaking ahead of their launch date. In fact, mostly every single new Pokemon game has leaked at least a week before launch. Some games in the past even leaked online three weeks before launch.

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At the moment, it seems only the Pokemon Scarlet ROM has leaked but it is bad news for Nintendo. The game’s leak means thousands of users with hacked Switch consoles are now playing the game and flooding the internet with spoilers. To make matters worse, the ROM also allows users to now datamine the game to extract all Pokemon species, key item names, quest names, characters and other database tables. It is just a matter of time before someone uploads every single piece of information from the game.

The same thing happened earlier this year when Pokemon Legend Arceaus leaked ahead of its launch. A few days before the retail release, a spreadsheet document was making its rounds online detailing every new Pokemon species, attack, evolution and more. Those of you who are hoping to go into Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet blind should just stay off the internet until next week.

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