Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Announced

Those of you who have run out of things to do in the Galar Region can rejoice. Game Freak and Nintendo revealed a fancy Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass which will be released in two phases throughout the year. The first expansion pass, The Isle of Armor will be available by the end of June while the Crown of Tundra will arrive in spring. The pass is also available for pre-order today for R488 from the Nintendo eShop

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Both expansions seem to be pushing new Pokemon arriving in the game with more than 200 planned to be added to the PokeDex during the release of these packs. The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass will take players to new locations just off the island of Galar and include new areas and introduce you to brand new monsters too.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Nintendo Switch

A select few existing Pokemon will also get new Galar forms including Slowpoke and all three legendary birds from Pokemon Generation 1. The Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass will also add new outfits, items, Pokemon Dens and new Max Raid Battles which act as dungeons for players to explore in co-op and catch new Pokemon added to the game for the first time.

Isle of Armor, the first expansion to launch is a giant island environment that focuses on a dojo where players can learn to Gigantamax their starter Pokemon from Sword and Shield. They will also learn new skills. Players will also obtain a new legendary called Kubfu, a fighting type that once trained can evolve into Urshifu. There are two forms of this Pokemon depending on the game you play; a fighting-dark, or a fighting-water.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Nintendo Switch

The Crown of Tundra will then take players to a frozen mountain area where players can explore a seamless wild area full of Pokemon Dens and Max Raid Battles. These battles contain legendary Pokemon from previous games in old and new forms. The expansion will also introduce players to Calyrex, a new psychic and grass type.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed that the game will be updated today and players will be able to get a sneak peek at the content coming their way by heading to Wedgehurst Station and meeting the Sword and Shield-exclusive trainer Klara (Sword) and Avery (Shield). They will also be given a Galarian Slowpoke to hold onto which will evolve into a new form when the expansion pack launches.

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