Nintendo shed some light on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Amor expansion. We knew the DLC was scheduled to launch in June. However, Nintendo was being silent about it. That changed last night when the company revealed a release date and more details for the upcoming content. Firstly, Isle of Armor will launch on 17 June 2020 for Nintendo Switch.

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This marks the first of two major expansion packs planned for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The other being The Crown Tundra. Nintendo revealed two new Pokemon from the Regi family. One Being Regieleki, an electric type and the other Regigrado, a dragon type. In addition, Nintendo also revealed the Galarrian Slowbro. This poison/psychic type Pokemon includes a new move called Shell Side Arm.

The trailer also showcased the Galarian legendary birds including Articuno which is now a psychic-type, Zapdos which is a fighting-type, and Moltres which is now a dark-type.

Pokemon Sword and Shield The Isle of Armour will bring new Gigantimax forms to all three original starter Pokemon. In addition, they will also get new G-Max moves. Returning Pokemon which were not in the main game will also be arriving in The Isle of Armor. This includes Azurill, Chansey and many more. Not to mention the new legendaries including Kubfu, Urshifu and Calyrex.

While this is the first of two expansions planned for the games, it is looking great so far. The new legendary birds and returning Pokemon will give you a reason to head back into the game when it launches on 17 June 2020.

You can find out more about the expansion pass including The Crown Tundra here. In addition, you can pre-purchase the pass on the Nintendo eShop for R488. Pre-purchasing the pass will unlock special in-game outfits.

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