Pokemon Sword and Shield Review Embargo Revealed

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield Review Embargo Revealed

Don’t expect many Pokemon Sword and Shield reviews before the game launches this week. Nintendo has kept the game under heavy guard after multiple leaks took place earlier this month with the entire Pokedex going live on forums. However, today at 16:00 SAT, the review embargo does drop so those media outlets that have played the game will be able to share thoughts with you on this controversial title.

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Locally, don’t expect any reviews to go live as we in SA have not been sampled games yet. However, you can expect a handful of international media to share scores and reviews when the embargo drops at 4 pm today. We will share a few of these too in a review roundup so you can kind of get the handle on how the game is turning out.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest in a new generation of Pokemon games. The game takes place in the new Galar region based on Great Britain as the player will explore the lands, fight, train and catch Pokemon all in order to become the true Pokemon master.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks have led to some nasty backlash from the community especially due to the limited PokeDex in the game. According to leaks, only half of all Pokemon will be appearing in Sword and Shield. However, the negative feedback has also brought about the positive #ThankYouGameFreak social media movement.

Nintendo released a final trailer of the game which showcases the new features. Take a look down below.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grO7u1R866o” width=”900″]

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