A new Pope Simulator promises to take PC gamers on a journey into the immersive and realistic world of life as the Pontiff when it releases on Steam later this year. The game sets out to not only educate players on what it is like to be the Pope but also to shed light on his roles and daily responsibilities. However, there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye as the game will see players influencing the world through organizing pilgrimages, creating peace by calming conflict and organizing the Vatican.

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“The Pope has no military or economic power behind him, but he has other means of influencing the world, which was evident in the 1980s, for example, when the communist system in Poland collapsed. Our idea assumes the possibility to use, among others, the so-called soft power, and consequently influence the fate of the world and interfere in international politics. All this, of course, in accordance with the vision adopted by the player.”

Ultimate Games CEO Mateusz Zawadzki

While the game seems to be highly religious, it actually features some “magic” flair to it too. Pope Simulator revolves around powering the Pontiff by making use of a sort of “faith mana” which is refilled by prayer. This magic is used to power up crowds at gathering and bless in-game units (priests and churches around the world). However, decisions such as blessing a child or not blessing a child will also impact the game’s progression and the strength the Pope has in-game.

“Every decision to interfere in the fate of the world comes at a price. With further actions, you strengthen the faith of others, but you weaken yourself.”

While the game sounds quite out there, it could actually be quite educational for those that are interested in the roles and responsibilities of the Pope. The game might not look like the visual showcase of this generation, but the content seems decent. You can wishlist Pope Simulator today on Steam.  Take a look at the full trailer down below;

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