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Popular PS3 Emulator Devs Begin Work on PS4 Emulator

The RPCS3 development team behind the popular PS3 emulator has officially started working on a PS4 emulator, ten years after Sony’s last-gen console hit the market. While there are currently a few PS4 emulators available online today, this one, called the RPCSX PS4 emulator, is the latest to show plenty of promise from the team behind the biggest PS3 emulator.

Your current options for a PS4 emulator online are the GPCS4, though it was never intended to emulate commercial games, and the Orbital which hasn’t seen a development update since 2021. As reported by TheGamer, the RPCSX PS4 emulator was spotted over the weekend by Read Only Memo. The devs answered a couple of questions and offered a bit more information about the process.

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The DH team stated:

“I did some things just after the [PS4’s] release. It’s quite easy to do at least for Linux […] The main problem is HW device emulation… but it is not really different than with PS3 emulation. Any emulator is supposed to be able to run your games. Imagine that your favourite game is removed from PSN (e.g. PT), or you just haven’t access to your PS4 with TV just now, but you have PC and you just want to play a game that you already have [bought]. Of course you will think about an emulator.”

The team added that it’s not certain about a release date just yet as the project is still in the very early stages of development. “We cannot estimate anything just because every team member has work/family/hobbies and it is not full time work. We do it because it’s interesting for us.”

On a more positive note, the devs believes that PS4 emulation would be a lot easier than PS3. “Shaders are the hard part… At least we have public documentation and do not need to do reverse-engineering like for Nvidia cards for RPCS3,” said the team.

While emulation is often tied to piracy, there are some sound arguments to be made about the need for emulators. As digital storefronts close down or products are removed from purchase forever, emulators help preserve games to a degree.

Source: TheGamer

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