Portal With RTX Update Arrives Next Week With Ray Tracing and DLSS 3

Portal with RTX is launching on 8 December as a free update to all owners of the game. The update will finally add ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS 3 to the classic puzzle game and enhance the visuals way beyond anything you have ever seen before in the series.

Portal was released back in 2007 so this graphical update is quite an exciting one for fans. The update aims to not only improve the general smoothness of the game but also add some exciting advanced visual enhancements. For starters, full ray tracing will create accurate lighting in each of the game’s test chambers. This means that lighting will now accurately bounce around the room and fill every corner with shadows.

The game is also getting remade textures and models to go with the update. These textures and models are designed to work with the new advanced visual upgrades and react realistically to the ray tracing enhancements.

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NVIDIA is also adding DLSS 2 and DLSS 3 support to the game. With DLSS 2, RTX 30 Series owners can enjoy the improved performance with ray tracing enabled. With DLSS 3, the game will run 2.8x better meaning you can play Portal with RTX at 4K with ray tracing enabled.

In case you’re worried your PC can’t run this new demanding Portal with RTX version, NVIDIA did release the system requirements. It is recommended that you have an RTX 3060 and up in order to play Portal with RTX at 1080p on High. For the full 4K 60FPS experience, it is recommended that you have an RTX 4080 and up.

Portal with RTX

You can read more about the Portal with RTX update on the NVIDIA blog here. It includes some detailed tech deep dives into the enhancements coming to the game.

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