Possible New Batman Arkham Game Being Teased

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Possible New Batman Arkham Game Being Teased

The last Batman Arkham game released all the way back in July 2015 and it wasn’t that great. It’s been over four years and still, we haven’t seen any official announcement of a new Batman Arkham game from Warner Bros. Now, it looks like a new Batman Arkham game is being teased, likely Batman Arkham Origins 2.

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This could very likely be a Batman Arkham Origins 2 title in development at WB Montreal. On Twitter, Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor for Bruce Wayne in the Batman Arkham Origins game, tweeted out what first looks like a denial that he is working on anything, but the denial was just too much, making it look likely that he means to say exactly the opposite. Kevin Conroy voiced the caped hero in Rocksteady’s trilogy, which further points towards Roger Craig Smith working on possibly a Batman Arkham Origins 2 game.

He clearly means exactly the opposite, so he is super excited to be working on a game he can’t tweet about because he is under NDA. But Roger Craig Smith does the voice of multiple video game characters, including Kyle Crane in Dying Light and he is also the voice of Ezio in Assassin’s Creed, so what makes us think that this is something related to Gotham’s caped crusader?

Well, Warner Bros PR manager Gary Miereanu thanked Roger Craig Smith and said that they would let the cat out of the bag “reasonably soon” in a response to Mr Smith’s tweet.

What exactly “reasonably soon” means for Warner Bros. is unclear but what seems obvious is that a new Batman game is being teased.

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Would you like to see a Batman Arkham Origins 2 or maybe a Court of Owls title? Let us know in the comment section below.

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