Possible Xbox Series X and S Delays Hit South Africa
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Local Xbox distributor Prima Interactive has warned about possible Xbox Series X and S delays in SA following unforeseen logistical challenges. By the sound of things, most retailers in the country have recieved their stock. However, in some rare cases, others may have not.


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Prima Interactive claims that all stock has been shipped to stores already but worldwide embargoes provided a short time frame for the stock to move about the country. The company say that in the worst situation, customers may only get their Xbox Series X or S console the day after launch (11 November) due to retailers only receiving stock on launch day. In addition, they promise that all pre-orders will be met regardless of the delay.

Prima Interactive urges customers to reach out to their retailer or online store to stay up to date with the possible delay. Customers should first check with their store in which they pre-ordered the console from before going to collect the order. It is unclear which regions and stores are affected by this delay.

The official announcement reads;

Due to some unforeseen logistical challenges, some stores in South Africa may receive their stock of the Series X | S on day of launch or possibly a day late. Prima Interactive would like to advise that all stock has been shipped to stores. With global embargos taken into consideration there is a very small window for delivery to stores, and sometimes despite the best plans delays occur. We can confirm that ALL PRE-ORDERS will be met and your Xbox has been shipped to the store you ordered it from. If you haven’t received notification that it’s ready for collection or been shipped, please check with the store you ordered from for an update. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we are working closely with our logistics partner to limit any delays.






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