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Potterheads Believe Quidditch DLC is Headed to Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a remarkable wizarding experience. If anything, it is the closest you’ll ever get to living your Harry Potter fantasy except for one thing…. The game doesn’t have Quidditch. Of course, there are a few reasons why Quidditch isn’t available in Hogwarts Legacy. Firstly, the development team thought it would be best to leave the sport out of the game due to the ongoing controversy surrounding author J.K Rowling. There’s been a bit of tension in the past related to Quidditch and its official trademark when it was turned into a real sport and then renamed to “Quadball” after the author rallied against the trans community.

As a result, the development team decided to leave the game out of Hogwarts Legacy to avoid making a political statement by including it. However, other reports claim that Avalanche and Portkey simply didn’t have time to work on a Quidditch mode for Hogwarts Legacy. The technical aspects of the mode would have been a large undertaking for the team and in order to get the game released in time, it was cut out.

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Fans now believe that Quidditch is actually going to be added to Hogwarts Legacy in the future. Users on Reddit have pieced together hints scattered across the game which many believe may be proof of its existence.

One note, in particular, can be found in Madam Kogawa’s office. this note details why Quidditch was banned at Hogwarts at the time. At the start of the game, you’ll learn that the headmaster, Phineas Nigellus Black has ordered the ban as a result of serious injury on the school’s grounds. However, the note also reveals that players were cheating during matches.

Despite the current ban, Madam Kogawa does seem hopeful that the sport will return to Hogwarts. Her dialogue reveals this. While the game doesn’t have Quidditch at all, fans have found game files and assets that are all meant to be part of the mode. One user claims that “every asset needed for Quidditch is already in-game. Brooms, uniforms, balls, and even the freaking Quidditch pitch is there! The only thing that seems to be missing is the actual code to play,”

Apart from these assets, a leak from last month detailed some cut content from the original 2020 Hogwarts Legacy game. Back when the game was announced, it was reportedly very different from what it is now. In fact, large portions of the map were cut. In addition, data miners found references to Quidditch and even the four positions in the sport. According to that data, Avalanche abandoned the sport after a year of developing it.

That is to say, the team might have picked up development somewhere along the lines. The data found in the past was related to an early build of the game. The release version doesn’t have these references but instead, includes the assets.

Of course, we might never get Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy. All the talk of it being added as DLC might just be hopeful fans looking forward to something that will never arrive. But you never know at this point.

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