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Praydog’s UEVR Mod Makes Thousands of Games Playable in VR

The VR gaming community are rejoicing now that Praydog’s UEVR mod has entered public beta. For those who don’t know, UEVR is an open-source framework that makes almost any game based on Unreal Engine 4 or 5 fully playable on a VR headset. This means that if you have a gaming PC and maybe the Meta Quest 3 (our most-loved gadget of 2023), you can install the small plugin and launch one of the thousands of games available on the platform.

When I say “thousands” I really mean it. There’s a literal list of a thousand games which are all playable using UEVR. While some might work better than others, some of the latest games run flawlessly including High on Life, Robocop and Returnal.

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The best part about the UEVR mod is that installation is simple. Users just need to own a supported headset, install their compatible Unreal Engine game, download and launch UEVR, launch SteamVR and you’re good to go. It takes a few minutes to set up and once installed, you just launch a simple application each time you’re playing a game to transform the experience into VR.

From what I have seen online, the mod is impressive. Robocop, for example, runs like a dream and fully transforms the game’s first-person gameplay into a fully immersive VR experience. Users have even been able to run the Tekken 8 demo on PC through UEVR and the results are incredible.

The big deal about UEVR is that non-VR games become VR titles. Essentially, it unlocks new content to enjoy because we all know that VR games hit completely differently than non-VR experiences.

If you’re interested in getting into UEVR, you can look at the full supported game list here. Every Unreal Engine game you can think of is on the list and thanks to the dedicated VR community, the full support and the extent of playability are listed on the support document too.

Here’s a video showcasing some of the titles available in the mod. You’ll recognize a few games there including Scorn, Hi-Fi Rush, Little Nightmares and many more. You can also find out more about the mod and download it here.

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