At the final State of Play of the year, Sony and developer IllFonic announced the release date of Predator: Hunting Grounds, accompanied by a gameplay trailer showing some brutal and deadly action. The game was first announced as a PS4 exclusive but now, it has been revealed that it is coming to PS4 as well as PC on 24 April 2020.

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Sony and IllFonic showed off some awesome gameplay (view at the bottom of this article) and shared some details about the new game, focusing on the Predator itself in this asymmetrical multiplayer shooter. Four players (as humans) will be pitted against another player as the Predator. The unique thing here is that the Predator player will play from a third-person perspective and the human players will have a first-person view.

There will be a tonne of customization options (you can also play as a female Predator) in Predator: Hunting Grounds and some of the gadgets and weapons have been shown off by IllFonic, including the wrist blades, the Smart Disc (which acts as a deadly frisbee), an awesome-looking bow and more.

On the PlayStation Blog, IllFonic explains that:

As far as weapons go, the Predator has crazy off-world tech at its disposal. Did you happen to catch the scene with the Smart Disc making multiple kills? It is personally one of my favourites. We have been demonstrating the wrist blades and plasma caster at events since August, but this trailer lets us show off even more.


Like the bow and Smart Disc, the Combistick is another weapon that is super deadly. In battle, the Combistick extends to become a spear both useful in close combat or from a distance. In the trailer, there is the close combat scene where the Predator impales an NPC and lifts him into the air on the Combistick. This is exactly what one should expect when fighting a Predator wielding this weapon. In our game, we wanted to make sure players had a way to customize their own Predator depending on how they want to hunt. On top of choosing your own armour design, we created three Predator classes with different styles of play, strengths and weaknesses to select from.

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Check out the first gameplay trailer for Predator: Hunting Grounds from IllFonic and Sony below and then let us know what you think in the comment section.

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