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Prepare for More PlayStation Leaks as Document Lists Unannounced Games

Recently, a remaster/remake of Horizon Zero Dawn and an unannounced multiplayer mode for PS5 were leaked. However, the leaks won’t stop there as a new document obtained by website Gematsu seemingly lists several announced and unannounced games currently in the works at PlayStation, though they haven’t managed to leak to the public just yet.

Gematsu recently reported on the big Horizon Zero Dawn remake leak, but added that they were in possession of a document that lists several “announced and unannounced” projects currently in development at PlayStation. If Gematsu has this document, then it’s only a matter of time before the information is leaked elsewhere.

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The last time a major leak of this caliber happened to a company was the infamous NVIDIA GeForce leak, which correctly listed several unannounced PC titles that were later officially confirmed. Of course, the contents of this document has yet to leak for PlayStation beyond the Horizon Zero Dawn remake so there might be some time to put the plug in it before it gets out of hand.

Twitter user Nibellion nonetheless urged players to prepare for more leaks soon. If the content does get out to the public, then it could be a devastating blow to Sony and PlayStation. The company is notorious for handling leaks, especially for its exclusive games, with an iron fist. This didn’t prevent The Last of Us Part II from leaking several months before its release, but measures have surely been taken to address these leaks in the future.

Gematsu added that they were able to verify several titles listed in the document with “multiple sources familiar with their development.”

So far, the response to this news has been mixed. Some fans are hoping that the leaks don’t happen as it could spoil plenty of potential surprises, while others believe that this is the consequences for Sony’s radio silence when it comes to new game announcements. Despite previous reports of Sony hosting a big PlayStation showcase sometime in September, the month has passed with only a smaller State of Play taking place – granted it was a pretty good one.

We’ll just have to see how this saga of leaks unfolds.

Source: Gematsu

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