Prince of Persia Redemption Gameplay Surfaces Online
Prince of Persia Redemption
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A video showcasing a cancelled Prince of Persia Redemption gameplay appeared online after more than eight years of living on YouTube.  Yes, the video has been on YouTube for eight years and before it was shared on forums. It had less than 150 views. Prince of Persia Redemption shows some intense gameplay as the prince runs through a crumbling city, fights enemies and uses the power of time to avoid death multiple times.

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According to a Ubisoft developer, the video is reportedly “target game footage”. With that being said, the gameplay seems to merge Assassin’s Creed parkour with some intense action. Jonathan Cooper piped up on Twitter and revealed the source of the gameplay. According to Jonathan, the video was compiled with work from the For Honor team. However, the gameplay was inspired by an Assassin’s Creed 3 pitch.

After the video went viral, multiple Ubisoft developers began to question its source. However, as we said before it has been on YouTube for more than eight years. Rumours of a Prince of Persia reboot have been swirling around for weeks now. In addition, Ubisoft reportedly registered a domain hinting at a possible reveal. Microsoft first Xbox 20/20 event is taking place today. Fans will get a glimpse at the third-party games coming to the Xbox Series X. Ubisoft is showing off Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gameplay. Perhaps we will see a little more?






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