‘Project Athia’ is Now Titled ‘Forspoken’ – PS5 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

"Developed by the team behind Final Fantasy XV"

Forspoken PS5 Project Athia
‘Project Athia’ is Now Titled ‘Forspoken’ – PS5 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

During the first Square Enix Presents of 2021, the developer surprised viewers with a rebranding of Project Athia and announced its new name – Forspoken. The original title was showcased during the PS5 Future of Gaming showcase back in 2020 but Square Enix has stepped up development for the game and is ready to show more.

Forspoken is being developed by the Square Enix Luminous Productions team after the completion of Final Fantasy XV. It will star Ella Balinska who is known for her role in the 2019’s Charlie’s Angels as protagonist Frey Holland.


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We still don’t know much about Forspoken besides what we have seen in the few seconds of gameplay. It is described as a “narrative-driven adventure” and the trailer suggests that the main character Holland has somehow found her way into this new land of Athia from the modern world.

Holland seems to be surprised by the sight of a dragon which she spots in a crumbled mansion of some sort. The game also features loads of parkour including sprinting around, leaping from tree to tree and running up walls to jump great distances over gaps.

Square Enix says that Forspoken will deliver a true “next-generation experience” and take full advantage of the PS5 power and hardware features. The game is scheduled to release sometime in 2022.

Take a look at the Forspoken trailer down below:

Source: YouTube

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