PS4 Exclusive “Project Awakening: Arise” Demo Rated

Project Awakening
PS4 Exclusive “Project Awakening: Arise” Demo Rated

Project Awakening was announced back in September of 2018 during Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia’s pre-Tokyo Game Show media conference and it has been under radio silence since its reveal. Cygames has revealed a demo titled “Project Awakening: Arise” will be headed to PS4 later this year.

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The demo was spotted on the Pan European Game Information board that rated this Project Awakening: Arise for PS4 as a “trial version”.

Details of the demo describe the experience “to allow players to get a taste of the combat and action available in Project Awakening, an action role-playing game featuring photorealistic graphics”.

The game looks superb in its original reveal trailer and is described as;

Project Awakening is an all-new action RPG featuring cutting edge graphics and a high fantasy setting. As part of the company’s ongoing drive to deliver the very best in entertainment, Cygames has assembled a development dream team to create the game, boasting extensive experience across a variety of much-loved videogame hits. Under the accomplished direction of Junji Tago (Director) and Ryosuke Aiba (Art Director), the team is hard at work on a title that aims to bring a fresh approach to the world of fantasy RPGs.

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The strange thing here is the demo was dated for 30 August 2019 but it is not currently available. Perhaps it has been delayed? We could see more at the Tokyo Game Show later this month too. In the meantime, take a look at the official website for more information on this upcoming game.

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