PS4 Owners Suffering From Chat Party Issues and Bugs

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PS4 Owners Suffering From Chat Party Issues and Bugs

PS4 owners have taken to Reddit complaining about a new chat party bug. In addition, we experienced the bug firsthand last night too. This bug appeared in PS4 system software 7.50. As a result, users have been kicked from chat parties on a constant basis often with an ERROR E-80008000 code.

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According to multiple PS4 Reddit threads, the chat party bug plays out like roulette. For instance, someone new joins the party and it kicks other gamers out of the party. As soon as they rejoin, it kicks other people out. From our experience, the bug also prevents you from seeing who is in the party and prevents you from accessing the options. However, you can still listen and speak to friends while on the “please wait” screen.

Users have reported that often they can hear their friends clearly, the party does not detect NAT issues but their friends cannot hear them. For instance, we joined a party and could hear everyone but they could not hear us. We would then be kicked with an error telling us “you can rejoin the party”. In addition, the PS4 lets us press the home button to rejoin but it fails.

At times, friends could send party invites out to members, but the invites never appeared on anyone’s PS4 menu at all. Often, we would see an ERROR E-80008000 code on our PS4.

We don’t know if this PS4 chat party bug could be related to a PlayStation Network outage or the software. However, more and more gamers have taken to Reddit to complain about the issue. Similarly on Twitter too. Hopefully, Sony sees this soon and issues a fix.

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