PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Delayed
Days Gone
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Days Gone, originally planned for a February 2018, has been delayed further into 2019 past Q1. Sony announced the delay in a blog post where they also detailed new release date for other upcoming Worldwide Studio titles.

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But the Worldwide Studios team is hard at work. We wanted to give you a status check on the next wave of innovative experiences from our studios in Bend, Oregon; Tokyo; San Mateo, California; London; and more. Each title is as varied as its hometown!

First off, Days Gone has been delayed from February 2019 into 26 April 2019 in a move to polish up the game even more. This move will most likely be the best right now as February 2019 is already packed with huge games like Anthem, Crackdown 3 and Metro Exodus. This gives Sony time to improve the game and also avoid the competition in the same month.

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Sony also revealed a release date for From Software’s upcoming VR game (I had no idea this was even a thing), called Déraciné. The game will launch on 6 November 2018 and is an emotionally deep narrative driven game where players take the role of an unseen faerie who forges a personal bond with the children in a secluded boarding school. The game is directed by Bloodborne director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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Sony announced that Concrete Genie will release sometime in Spring 2019, which in SA is Autumn. So anywhere between March and June 2019. Concrete Genie follows a bullied teenager named Ash who escapes his troubles by painting spectacular living landscapes and mischievous creatures in the walls of his abandoned hometown of Denska. Using a magical paintbrush, Ash discovers his paintings can purify Denska’s polluted walls and bring life back to the town.

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Everybody’s Golf VR will also debut during the same time and will see the hit golf franchise, Everybody’s Golf, makes its PS VR debut. Developed by Clap Hanz in association with SIE Japan Studio, players will use the Dualshock 4 or PlayStation Move motion controllers to swing their virtual golf clubs.

So in a nutshell, Days Gone has been delayed, VR games are coming your way and there is still no release date for Media Molecule’s Dreams. Still, it shows Sony has a great lineup for 2019 already with many more games still awaiting a release date.






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