Sony Quietly Released a New PS4 Pro Model With a Few Changes
Ps4 Pro 7200 Series
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If you happened to buy the latest PS4 Pro Red Dead Redemption 2 console bundle then you are one of the lucky new owners of a brand new PS4 Pro model. Why is this model so special you may ask? Well, the new PS4 Pro 7200 series actually includes some new hardware changes that are more beneficial than many may think.

First off, the new 7200 PS4 Pro series is a lot quieter than all other models that came before. According to Digital Foundry who did an in-depth analysis of the console model, there is a substantial difference in acoustics compared to the new 7200 model and the launch PS4 Pro. I can vouch for this as I own the 500 Million Limited Edition, which is the 7100 series, and already Sony improved the fan sound on that model so much so that I cannot even hear it at times even during the most intense games.

According to the report, the new 7200 series actually runs even hotter than other PS4 Pro models with a peak of 66-degrees during the same God of War scene that saw other PS4 Pro models reach a max of 61-degrees. So the new PS4 Pro not only has the best fan out of them all but it also has the best cooling system on all PS4 Pros right now. This combined together creates a quieter gaming session which is pretty impressive given how loud PS4 consoles can get during summer in SA.

Ps4 Pro 7200 Series
Image credit: Digital Foundry

One last change and one that I thought was a big one was the replacement of the power supply. Sony has now managed to fit a standard figure-eight power supply into the new PS4 Pro and toss out that kettle plug in favour for a smaller cable. This means that all PS4 consoles across the board now use the same power cable. While this may not sound like anything worth selling your current PS4 Pro for, it just goes to show that Sony is still working hard behind the scenes to improve the quality-of-life features on the console.

Right now, the only way to get the new 7200 series is to buy the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle but I am sure Sony will start rolling out the console in other ways this December too. Just look for any model that says CUH-72?? and you will have the new hotter yet quieter PS4 Pro.

Check out the entire analysis of the new 7200 series below:

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