Death Stranding players on PS4 who want to experience the “definitive” PS5 Director’s Cut version will be able to upgrade their game this week. Sony has revealed that the upgrade path from PS4 to PS5 will only cost £5/$10/€10/R179. In addition, users on the PS4 Death Stranding can also transfer their saves over to the PS5 game.

This upgrade offer covers both digital and disc copies of the game. Of course, if you have a digital PS5 and a disc copy of Death Stranding on PS4, you cannot take advantage of this and will need to purchase the digital game for the full price. It is unclear whether or not there will be a Deluxe Edition upgrade offer or perhaps a separate purchase to unlock the extra items.

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Kojima Productions already released the PS4 to PS5 save transfer feature two weeks ago. This new option allows users to explore their data from Death Stranding on PS4 in preparation for the PS5 Director’s Cut. Keep in mind that a lot of information from your save does not carry over to the PS5 game. This is mostly related to active orders you may have ongoing and cargo you currently have on your back.

When users export their PS4 save in Death Stranding, the menu will highlight what data will stay behind. That way you can complete certain tasks before attempting to upload your save again.

As for the PS5 Death Stranding Director’s Cut upgrade, the new game version does come with some hefty new content. Kojima Productions have worked on new story chapters, combat mechanics, a firing range and even a racing mode. There are also awesome new items and gear you can collect in the game to make your deliveries faster and more exciting.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launches on 24 September 2021 for PS5. Check out a 9-minute gameplay demo down below that touches on the new stuff you’ll be doing.

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