PS4 Software 7.50 Beta Actually Includes New Features After All

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PS4 Software 7.50 Beta Actually Includes New Features After All

Last week we reported on the latest PS4 software 7.50 beta which Sony had sent out invites to specific testers in order to run a trial test for the software. According to the changelogs, the software did not include any new features only “stability changes”. However, a few days have passed since the beta test went live and it seems the PS4 software 7.50 actually includes two new features.

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According to Reddit, one of them is the addition of HDCP 2.3 which has been upgraded from HDCP 2.2. Another feature is the ability to now combine PlayStation icons including TV apps, media player and streaming apps into one PS4 folder. Previously, users were forced to stick only PS4 games into folders and the “media” apps were left separate. Now, with PS4 software 7.50, users have a little more freedom when it comes to arranging their home screen. Although limited, it still helps.

As for HDCP 2.3, this new change will not impact your gaming at all. The setting just enables new encryption of illegal 4K Ultra HD content transmitted to the PS4 via HDMI. It is an improvement over HDCP 2.2 which was limited to HD content.

As for the rest of PS4 software 7.50, users also report that the software has improved the speed test results on the PS4 while doing a network test. However, this is unconfirmed as a change right now. Sony may have more up its sleeve when it comes to changes and tweaks of the upcoming software but we will have to just wait and see what the official changelogs say in the coming week.s

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