PS4 System Software 8.00 Causing Major Party Chat and Other Issues
PS4 System Software 8.00 party chat Sony PlayStation Brick Message
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Yesterday Sony released the new PS4 system software 8.00. The software brought with it a load of new features including a new way to make chat parties, new avatars and parental controls. In addition, the software primed the PS4 for the launch of the PS5 by adding indicators to which console users are playing on both in the friends list section and during a chat party. However, PS4 system software 8.00 did not go down as well as Sony hoped. The software is plagued with issues and caused chaos on consoles after installing it. For starters, users were unable to load their friends list and creating a party was impossible.

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Upon installation, users reported connectivity errors across the console. Friends lists refused to load resulting in a “Cannot load (WS-44369-6)” error. However, these PS4 system software 8.00 issues went right into the UI and its features too. Hiding offline takes 3-4 minutes to activate, chat parties are missing in the menu and creating a chat party requires you to use the mobile app to start a message thread with friends and then invite them to the party.

Sony has since acknowledged the issues across the PS4 system software 8.00 and is investigating them. We don’t know when these issues will be resolved or whether or not Sony needs to issue a new system software update to fix them.

If you are stuck performing something on the console, try using the mobile PlayStation App to get around it. We managed to create a chat party by using the app to start a message thread with selected friends. The thread then appeared on the PS4 and we were able to send invites through the chat party menu using it.






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