PS5 Abandoned App Breaks Last Minute and No One is Surprised

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Blue Box Games Studios Abandoned
PS5 Abandoned App Breaks Last Minute and No One is Surprised

Blue Box Studios has yet again come under fire for its shoddy handling of the upcoming PS5 game called Abandoned. This time it revolves around the much-anticipated real-time experience app that the studio has been hyping up for months now. The app, which was originally meant to release in June, was delayed multiple times. However, last night when the app was meant to finally release, it did but it was completely broken.

PS5 owners downloaded the app and got excited to play it. Unfortunately, when players launched it they were welcomed to a “Check Back Soon” screen and nothing else happened. It took around 20 minutes before Blue Box Games Studios realised the app was broken and they issued a statement.


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According to the studio, there is a “technical issue” in the PS4 Abandoned app that is preventing it from launching correctly. The studio claimed they were working on it and should provide feedback shortly. However, almost twelve hours later and the app is still broken with no sign of a fix in sight.

Abandoned PS5 Trailer App Blue Box

Players have yet again taken to Twitter to not only criticise the handling of this app but also to piece together the possibility of Abandoned being a Silent Hill or Metal Gear game. Of course, fans waited months to test out this “revolutionary” app and yet again, Blue Box Games Studios has let them down.

It makes you wonder if this app was tested before it was released? Surely the dev team would have noticed this app literally not loading past the first text when they launched it?

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