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PS5 Accessibility Controller “Access” Gets Price and Release Date

Sony will release its accessibility controller called “Access” on 6 December this year. The device, which was announced in late 2022 will open for pre-orders on 21 July and cost you $89.99 USD/$119.99 CAD/¥12,980 JPY/€89.99/£79.99 (local pricing and release date TBC).

This is quite a big deal for the company. It marks Sony’s first foray into accessibility hardware. In the past, the company has focused its efforts on in-game accessibility options offerings some of the best guide tools and settings for users across its first-party lineup. However, when it came to hardware, there wasn’t really anything on the same level as Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller.

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Sony has designed the PlayStation Access to be fully customizable thanks to its modular design. Players can map buttons to create up to 30 control profiles, adjust stick settings, disable certain buttons and even pair Access with an additional controller or DualSense controller.

The Access controller lets you customize your layout with different button and stick caps in various shapes and designs, operate the controller from any 360° orientation, and connect third-party accessibility accessories using its four industry-standard 3.5mm expansion ports.

Sony has released the full spec sheet for the controller detailing all the different buttons, dials and caps you’ll get at launch:

Feature Details
Access controller for PS5
    • Dimensions (w/h/d): Approx. 141 x 39 x 191 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 322 grams (0.7 lbs.)
(4) expansion ports
  • 3.5mm industry-standard AUX ports for players to connect additional buttons, specialty trigger switches and other compatible accessories
(19) button caps
    • (1) wide flat button cap
      • (covers two button sockets)
    • (2) overhang button caps
      • (benefits players with smaller hands as they are positioned closer to the center)
    • (4) curve button caps
      • (can be pushed if placed along the top or pulled if placed along the bottom of the controller)
    • (8) pillow button caps
  • (4) flat button caps
(3) stick caps
    • (1) ball stick cap
    • (1) standard stick cap
  • (1) dome stick cap
(23) button cap tags
  • Swappable button cap tags for players to easily mark which inputs they map to each button
USB cable
  • 1.5m USB Type-C to Type-C cable (Hi-Speed USB)
Quick start guide and safety guide
  • Instructions for setting up the controller, UI settings and button configurations on PS5

There’s also a visual guide:

PS5 Accessibility Controller "Access" Gets Price and Release Date

We are waiting on the official local launch plans for the controller and will update you once we hear more. In the meantime, check out the video below for more insight into the PlayStation Access controller.

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