PS5 Accessory Pack Shots Reveal Charging Station Looks Like a Console
"Here's what the PS5 console accessory boxes look like."

We have already seen the PS5 retail box for both the Digital Edition and the standard disc-based model. However, the accessory packshots are here and give us a closer look at the PlayStation 5 goodies users can buy at launch with the console.


 PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X Size Compared On a TV Unit

We have the PS5 Media Remote, DualSense Charging Station, DualSense, HD Camera, and Pulse 3D Headset. Each package follows the same design lines of the console itself and features an all-white box with the product being the centre of the attention. In addition, we also get a closer look at some of these devices including the Media Remote which seems to have four app buttons on it including Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. This means users can easily open these apps on their console using the remove.

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Another cool accessory is the DualSense Charging Station. Up to now, we have only seen the side of the device in official Sony images. However, thanks to the retail packshot, we can now see the top of it too. One cool thing Sony did was design the Charging Station to make it look like the PlayStation 5 console itself. It features the same black centrepiece and two white faceplates that curve outwards near the top. It is a pretty cool little design feature.


All these accessories are available for pre-order and plan to release on 19 November 2020 in SA along with the consoles. They start at R699 for the Media Remote and can set you back R2,199 for the headset. Take a look at the official pricing down below.

  • PlayStation 5 1TB Digital Edition – R9,999 (RRP)
  • PlayStation 5 1TB Disc Drive – R11,999 (RRP)
  • DualSense Wireless Controller – R1,499 (RRP)
  • PS5 Media Remote – R699 (RRP)
  • PlayStation Pulse Wireless Headset – R2,199 (RRP)
  • HD Camera – R1,299 (RRP)


In case you missed it, the first real photos of the PS5 surfaced online. Check them out here. In addition, a user created a 3D render of the console on a TV unit so gamers can get a better understanding of just how big it is. Take a look at the images here.

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