PS5 and Xbox Series X Chips Already Produced and Shipped – AMD

AMD PS5 Xbox Series X Next-Gen Unreal Engine Release Date
PS5 and Xbox Series X Chips Already Produced and Shipped – AMD

AMD CEO Lisa Su shared an update during the company’s second-quarter earnings call that the most anticipated product launches are still on track to release in 2020. This includes the 7nm processors based on Zen 3 architecture, and AMD’s RDNA 2 “Big Navi” GPUs. Furthermore, Su shared that AMD began initial production and shipment of next-gen Zen 2 console chips for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This is to meet the holiday 2020 release dates.

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The news comes as a sigh of relief for gamers and tech enthusiasts around the world. With the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, multiple tech companies have suffered delays. Intel, in particular, suffered some major setbacks further delaying the debut of its 7nm processors into 2022. This delay will have a catastophic impact on the company in the coming months ahead.

AMD has its latest Ryzen 4000 mobile CPU to thank for the company’s recent success. The chipset which released in late 2019 has seen a great adoption rate across manufacturers. It offers a lot of power and great battery life. No to mention its somewhat affordable implementation. It is dubbed as the “fastest mobile CPU in AMD’s history”. This chipset’s success has led AMD to make great strides with its Zen 3 architecture. This has sped up research and development and in turn production.

This means that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will have its most important tech, the SoC, ready for when manufacturing kicks off in the coming months. Sony and Microsoft might have already begun manufacturing of the next-gen consoles given the fact that AMD’s chips have been shipping for a couple of weeks already. Both companies have yet to share a production update on their hardware. However, with the looming release later this year, we will find out more shortly we hope.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X feature custom AMD Zen 2 processors which power the consoles.

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