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PS5 Backward Compatibility Suggested in New Patent Filed By Sony

In November last year, we reported that Sony filed a patent for “remastering by emulation”, which hinted towards some kind of Backwards Compatibility feature for their next-gen console. Then, early this month, an industry expert said that PS5 Backward Compatibility will “absolutely” happen. While the PS5 hasn’t even been announced yet, one feature that the PS5 needs to have is definitely Backward Compatibility, if not for all PS games, then at the very least for PS4 titles. Now, a new patent suggesting Backward Compatibility has been filed by Sony.

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The patent in question was published recently, filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It also lists one of the inventors to be Mark Cerny, who is presumably the lead developer on the PS5 as well, and the architect behind the PS4. The patent is in Japanese, but as reported by Gearnuke, the patent literally has Backward Compatibility in the title. The full title of the patent is this:

Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility

It is pretty clear that PS5 Backward Compatibility will happen if you ask me. As explained by Gearnuke who translated the patent, it is for a new device. Check out the explanation below.

A “bus” in technical terms refers to the communication system between the different components inside electronic or computer devices. When reading in detail, the patent mentions Sony using the method to deal with bus interface related issues when executing a legacy application on a new device. The method that Sony patented helps emulate the bus operation of the device the legacy application was designed for.

Further, it is mentioned that this method could also adjust bus performance, which could, in theory, translate to remastering via emulation, which is exactly what Sony’s previously-filed patent was all about. However, it is important to remember that a patent filing doesn’t 100% confirm the method will be used in Sony’s next-gen console, so you should still treat this as a rumour until such time as Sony officially unveils the PS5 and its features.

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Do you think that the PS5 needs Backward Compatibility and is it one of the features you are looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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