A major step back for Sony’s PS4 was the lack of backwards compatibility and cross-play support. However, the console maker will be fixing this as PS5 backwards compatibility will not only let you play PS4 games on the console but you will be able to play with PS4 owners too.

Sony already mentioned that the transition between next-gen and PS4 will be as seamless as ever. The ability to play with PS4 owners on your PS5 will be part of this. Jim Ryan, who revealed this “seamless plan” answered a few questions at the Sony Investor’s Relations Day.

According to Jim, PS5 backwards compatibility is “extremely powerful” for the leap to next-gen. It will give players the opportunity to migrate to next-gen while still being able to play older games with existing friends.

Sony states that PS5 backwards compatibility is a “really critical success factor” and “incredibly important”. Sony is looking to keep its gaming community together without breaking them apart when the new hardware releases.

PS5 backwards compatibility is “extremely powerful” for the leap to next-gen

You will own a PS5 and play PS4 games with friends who are still on those games without sacrificing any community. Sony is looking to keep your old games relevant and your friends too which is the best transition.

It will no doubt be an extremely tough thing to pull off but the confidence Sony has for this “seamless transition” is something we have not experienced yet with the brand. PS3 to PS4 saw us abandon our entire games collection as well as locked us out of games that were cross released on both consoles.

Sony did offer ways to purchase both a PS3 and PS4 copy but the ability to experience cross-play was not a feature. Destiny was a prime example of this.

What do you think of this feature? Let us know down below.

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