The PS5 will feature backwards compatibility but just as Microsoft had to patch every single Xbox 360 game for the Xbox One, Sony will have to do the same for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. In short, games won’t just run on the new hardware without being optimized for it.

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With that being said, during Sony’s PS5 development video that showcased last night, Mark Cerny stated that Sony has already begun testing PS4 games on the hardware. The company looked at the top 100 PS4 games on the system as ranked by playtime and put them to the test. Almost all of them were playable on the new hardware and will be ready in time for the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Keep in mind that the PS4 has more than 4,000 games on the platform. Sony claims that they are constantly doing tests on these games in order to expand PS5 backwards compatibility coverage over time. This means that on the launch day of the PS5, chances are some PS4 games won’t work on the console. However, Sony will make all of them playable over time so patience may be required from a user point of view.

Sony claims that each game needs to be optimized for the new console due to the boosted frequencies which have added complexity. Some games just can’t handle the hardware so testing needs to be done on a title by title basis.

You can catch up on the Road to PS5 video down below. Make sure to take a look at the full specs breakdown here too.

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