PS5 Will Support Almost 4000 PS4 Games at Launch With Higher FPS and Resolutions

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 PS5 Backwards Compatibility
PS5 Will Support Almost 4000 PS4 Games at Launch With Higher FPS and Resolutions

While Sony’s PS5 backwards compatibility details during the Road to PS5 livestream sent out mixed signals, it seems the console maker will indeed have support for almost every PS4 game on the market when the new console launches later this year. Sony has also confirmed that PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility will add higher frame rates and resolutions to current PS4 games which will enhance them for the next-gen console.

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The news comes from the Official PlayStation Magazine UK which detailed the console in the new May 2020 issue. The magazine not only confirmed the 4000 PS4 game support for the PlayStation 5 but it also details the improvements some games will receive on day one.

“Almost 4,000 PS4 games will run on PS5 at launch, and they’ll feature higher resolutions and frame rates”

Sony has yet to showcase these changes in any way but we still have a while to go before we get our hands on the PlayStation 5. While the news does not guarantee every game will get a performance upgrade, it does confirm that every game will be playable on the PS5 at launch through backwards compatibility. Developers will also play a huge role in preparing these performance upgrades for the console closer to launch by providing updates to change the game code in order to take advantage of the power inside the PS5.

We will share more as we learn more. Make sure to catch up on the DualSense news here – The official controller for the PlayStation 5. While you are at it, take a look at all the memes it spawned as well as the awesome colour variants.

What PS4 games would you play on day one on your new PS5? Let us know down below.

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