PS5 Backwards Compatibility Will “Absolutely” Happen Says Industry Expert
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We all know how stressful it is when a new wave of consoles comes over the hill. We look at all the time and money we have spent on our current hardware and fear that we will have to toss it away as the lack of backwards compatibility is a serious issue in gaming. Well, rest assured as PS5 backwards compatibility will be a definite feature of the next consoles according to an industry expert at Digital Foundry.

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The popular video game testing YouTube channel recently posted a new video where they talked about the next generation console mainly PS5 and the next Xbox. In the video they covered the specs which they claim could be fake and they usually are when it comes to next-gen hardware, but when speaking about PS5 backwards compatibility, Digital Foundry editor, John Linneman, is confident that Sony’s new console will absolutely have the feature.

We have to side with him on this too as the lack of PS5 backwards compatibility will be a huge hit to Sony if they do indeed leave it out. Microsoft is on fire right now with the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility, and the PS5 needs it in order to secure Sony’s next-gen presence along with the entire PS4 library of games, and we know how great these are.

John Linneman did not specifically mention if this will include PS3 support and we don’t think it will. Sony’s main focus right now is most likely to create a super-powerful 4K console with enough power to deliver visuals for future titles as well as enough emulation for PS4 games too. The two combined together will deliver a next-gen console experience we all won’t mind paying for.

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