PS5 Beta Firmware Adds M.2 SSD Upgrade and 3D Audio Support For TVs

The upcoming PS5 firmware is set to be the biggest Sony has released to date. According to users who have access to the beta version, which is only available in certain regions, the PS5 beta firmware adds some exciting features. First off we have the PS5 M.2 SSD upgrade feature that allows users to purchase internal M.2 SSD hardware to increase their PS5 storage.

Sony has since updated its website with a full detailed guide on how to install the M.2 SSD and the requirements needed for the drive. However, the PS5 beta firmware is also bringing with it 3D audio support for TV speakers and soundbars. This is a feature that was not ready at the initial launch of the console last year.

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The PS5 3D audio support for TV sets enables users to enjoy the PS5 immersive sound experience without the need for a headset. Up to this point, a headset was a requirement for users who wanted to make use of the feature.

This 3D audio support for TV sets makes use of the DualSense microphones to measure the acoustic characteristics of a room in order to determine the correct 3D sound output from the speakers.

According to the official PS5 beta firmware notes, the software also brings with it UX improvements and “customization options”. However, details on these two features are not yet public. Perhaps they have something to do with the new SSD upgrades and sound options?

The PS5 beta firmware is currently in closed testing to certain users in the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan. While most users can’t benefit from testing these features out, at least we know that when the public release arrives, we can enjoy them.

Source: Twitter

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Gaming | PlayStation | PS5 Beta Firmware Adds M.2 SSD Upgrade and 3D Audio Support For TVs
Gaming | PlayStation | PS5 Beta Firmware Adds M.2 SSD Upgrade and 3D Audio Support For TVs






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