Fans keep asking that one important question – will there be a black PS5 in addition to the white model? Well, it seems there just might be. Photos have emerged online showing off a pure black PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller. These images are real photographs taken of the device at what looks like a manufacturing plant.

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The photos appeared online and show off a DualSense controller that boasts an all-black outer shell. Where there was white, there is now black. Some people claim that it is the white controller without the shell. However, upon further inspection, you can see that the shell is indeed black.

The photos also contain all the bells and whistles we’ve seen on the controller to date. This includes the two microphones at the back, which were only showcased recently in a new 360-degree look on the official site. There’s also the PlayStation button, the white symbol buttons and the light strip. In comparison to the white controller, is identical. Other than being black of course. It even has the official trademark and tech regulation certificates printed on the back.

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This got me thinking. Perhaps like the PS5 console which may feature removable faceplates according to a recent photo leak, the DualSense will also have detachable grips? This could be the case. Perhaps these photos is the controller with a different front and back shell?

We don’t know if this is good Photoshop skills or if somewhere out there, Sony is cooking up a PS5 black edition. A few weeks ago, a Sony marketing ad leaked a black PlayStation 5. This marks the second leak so right now it seems more real than ever.

Sony might host a PS5 announcement stream this month. Perhaps the company is going to announce the “replaceable shell” design or a black PlayStation 5 then.

Photo credit – Twitter

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