PS5 Box Contents Leak Revealing PlayStation 5 Accessories and Missing Hardware
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A Hong Kong distributor leaked the PS5 box contents along with the model numbers for each console too. The box contents reveal what users will get inside their PlayStation 5 on the day they buy it. There are some interesting changes as well as the removal of a rather important device too.


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Daniel Ahmad shared the PS5 box contents on Twitter touching on the items inside each console. For starters, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is the “B” version of the console according to the model number. While the “A” model includes the disc. This means if you buy the Digital Edition, your model is CFI-1015B and the disc model is CFI-1015A. This could change for your region.

The PS5 box contents also includes a console with an 825GB SSD, a DualSense Wireless Controller, HDMI cable, AC power cord, USB cable (for charging the controller), instruction manual and ASTRO’s PlayRoom game pre-installed. In addition, each console packs a “base” in the box too so users can stand the console up or place it flat on their counters. This is something Sony forced gamers to purchase separately in the past. However, one thing is missing here and that is an audio device. The PS4 shipped with a chat microphone. Although it was not the best in the world, the PlayStation 5 won’t include it in your purchase.

This means if you are buying a console you may have to invest in a fancy headset to chat with your friends. You could use any of the compatible ones from your PS4 or just splurge on the Sony Wireless Pulse Headset.

Keep in mind that this could change closer to the launch of the console. Sony is set to show off more details this week during the 16 September 2020 showcase. Hopefully Sony will share more details on the console’s contents during the event.






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