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PS5 Custom Faceplates Available For Sale at Platestation5

While Sony has yet to announce any specific plans to release colourful PS5 faceplates for the upcoming console, another company has. It seems a company called Platestation5 got hold of the console’s outer shell before launch and managed to design and mould these plates so users can swap them around when they get their shiny new PlayStation 5 console.

Platestation5 are currently selling faceplates for the device and they come in all sorts of designs. Including;

  • Limited Edition V1 Matte Black
  • Chromatic
  • Cherry Red
  • Jungle Camo
  • Indigo Blue


According to the site, they began production on a matte black PS4 faceplate shell. However, while developing the mould they decided to offer additional customization options and colours to gamers. Buying a PS5 faceplate shell from the company comes with both the back and the front or top and the bottom depending on how you look at it. Users can select whether or not they have a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition or standard edition and the plate costs $39,99.


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PS5 PlayStation Platestation5 Faceplates

Platestation5 claims that orders will begin to ship on 12 November 2020 and they aim to dispatch all current orders made before launch within two weeks of release. They also offer free worldwide shipping but keep in mind there are other taxes and costs involved when importing the plate in SA. Not to mention the possible long delivery time users will have to endure when importing it. However, you are free to give this a go if you are patient enough. Head over to the site and browse for a PS5 faceplate that screams your name.

Keep in mind that purchasing one of these shells may still be a gamble. The site makes it clear that they are not official PlayStation products and all the images are 3D renders of consoles. There are no actual photos of the PS5 faceplates to look at. We don’t know if they will fit, what the build quality is and whether or not they will actually offer the same ventilation as the included set shipped with the console. Buyers beware. However, PlateStation5 does offer a 10-day return policy if you are not happy with the plate.

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