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PS5 Dev Kits are Being Sold on eBay as ‘PizzaStation Kits’

Before the PS5 was officially revealed, images of its development kits surfaced and made fans concerned that Sony’s design department had finally lost its mind. While it didn’t end up resembling the final product at all, the dev kit is still considered rather strange-looking. Now, resellers are advertising the PS5 dev kits on eBay by masking them as “PizzaStation Kits” to avoid eBay’s detection.

As reported by PlayStation Universe, a PS5 dev kit was recently sold on eBay for a whopping $11,200. Hilariously, it’s listed as “Sony PS5 PizzaStation 5 Development Pizza Kit.” Naturally, the name is being changed to avoid being taken down by eBay as reselling dev kits is a big no-no. That didn’t stop several bidders from trying to get their hands on the publicly unavailable hardware, pushing its final bidding price to the equivalent of over R200,000 – significantly more than a standard PS5 console.

This isn’t an isolated case, though. Dexerto discovered another listing where the seller also renamed the PS5 dev kit on eBay the “PizzaStation 5” where it sold for €6,000 or around R117,000.

Thankfully, it’s unlikely that players who don’t have money to burn will go out looking for a PS5 dev kit when the standard PS5 is a lot cheaper, making this somewhat of a novelty collector’s item. Sony previously reported that it expects PS5 sales to slowly decline after reporting nearly 60 million consoles were sold since launch, though that’s mostly owed to its lack of major first-party releases until 2025.

So far, these are the only two PS5 dev kits that were recently sold under disguises on eBay but if more rogue dev kits are out in the wild, you can expect to see more “PizzaStation Kits” make their way online.

Source: PlayStation Universe

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