PS5 Digital Edition Owners Receiving Disc Model Console Inside The Box
"Some people are scoring a free console upgrade."

Sony is mistakingly sending PS5 digital edition console owners the disc model console. Over the past few days, dozens of users on Reddit began posting their day-one experience with their shiny new console. However, upon opening their PS5 Digital Edition console box, they discovered that the device was actually the disc model.


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It seems that most users were actually pleased by the discovery. For those who don’t know, the PS5 Digital Edition costs R9,999 ($399) opposed to the R11,999 ($499) for the disc model. This means users were actually scoring a more expensive console with a disc drive for the price of the cheaper model. Other than the lack of disc drive, the two console models are identical.

I got the disc version! Whaaaaaaat. 🥴 from r/PS5

There is some concern surrounding the mix-up, however. Should anything happen to these consoles and Sony asks for the proof of purchase, the receipt and the console are going to reflect two very different things. Let’s hope that Sony does not give these users hassles due to the company mixing up the consoles. Thankfully, these users also report that while the front of the console box shows the Digital Edition, the white box inside of it seems to be the disc model and has a serial number that reflects on both the console and the box. This means that Sony simply placed a disc model inside the digital edition sleeve. Was this done due to the stock shortages of the digital edition? We don’t know.

Add me to the list… ordered a PS5 Digital Edition from PlayStation Direct and the disc version was in the box! from r/PS5


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