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PS5 DualSense Battery Life, HD Camera and Pulse Headset Details Revealed

Sony updated its PS5 website last night with a load of new information and images. While the details are not groundbreaking, the new site gives users some new insight into the accessories they can buy for their PS5. In addition, Sony released a range of new 360-degree images of the Dualsense, Media Remote, 3D Pulse Headset and HD Camera which give us a better look at the backside of some of these PlayStation 5 accessories.

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First off we have the PS5 DualSense Controller.  Interesting enough, the new page reveals that users can update the DualSense software through the PS5 console.  This allows the controller to unlock new features and after launch. It is unclear what these updates will do. However, the update feature will surely enable new remapping options, better battery life and more.

PS5 PlayStation 5 DualSense battery life

Speaking of which, according to reports, the PS5 DualSense controller lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours longer than current DualShock. This is great given the fact that users won’t be able to use the PS4 controller to play PS5 games. It is a relief to know the upcoming controller includes at least a 7-9 hour battery life.

Next, we have the Wireless Pulse 3D Headset. Details are a little more scarce about this device. However, the site touches on the “up to 12-hour wireless play” which is pretty impressive for a wireless headset. The Platinum Headset currently lasts a max five hours so this is more than double that.  The site also reveals that the headset charged through USB-C and included a 3.5mm audio jack.

PS5 PlayStation 5 DualSense 3D Pulse Headset

The Media Remote, which is something very little of us will buy lets users control their PS5 with it. According to the site, users can power on the PlayStation 5 console and TV directly with the remote. You can also adjust the power settings, volume and navigate certain TV features using the IR transmitter.

Media Remote

Lastly, there’s the HD Camera. This tiny device featured a dual-lens 1080p capture thanks to its wide-angle lenses. It includes a built-in background removal tool that blurs the background behind a user making it great for streaming. Unlike the current camera that did not come with a stand at first, this one does. You can clip it onto your TV or stand it on your TV stand. We don’t know exactly what the camera’s use is right now other than PS VR support. Perhaps Sony is just future-proofing the ecosystem for other hardware they will release at a later date.

HD Camera

You can check out all the accessory pages here. There’s a cool 360-degree image for each device which gives you a closer look at the back and sides of them too.

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