PS5 Exclusive Returnal Gets New Twisted Story Trailer
"Seems like we will die… a lot"
Returnal PS5 Exclusive Housemarque Sony PlayStation
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Housemarque originally planned on releasing the upcoming PS5 roguelike shooter Returnal in March but recently delayed the game to give it more time in the cooker. Ahead of its new 30 April 2021 release date, the studio has shared a brand-new, and pretty chaotic, story trailer.

The game combines third-person shooter mechanics with horror elements and a roguelike time-bending system into one game. If anything, the shooter is very different from most other Housemarque games on the market if you compare it to Resogun, for example. However, it is shaping up to be quite interesting.


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In the new Returnal story trailer, get the idea that the game’s main protagonist Selene crash lands on an alien world littered with deadly creatures who just don’t want to have her around. We get a glimpse at some of these aliens and they are quite monstrous. But the trailer touches on a psychological theme at the same time which gives us an idea that Returnal is going to be something users may need to interpret their own way.

Oh, and you will die a lot as roguelike games go. Ever time Selene dies, a new cycle begins which delivers new aliens to destroy, weapons to find, skills to obtain and challenges to overcome. Players need to master the repetition in order to survive on the planet.

With that being said, Housemarque has already mentioned that death does not take you back to zero. Instead, players will be able to take specific elements with them to their next life which helps the “rinse and repeat” nature of the genre.

Selene, being the main character in Returnal, will grow on the player as they discover new memory fragments that shed some light on her past and how she ended up in this loop. Also, how to escape it.

Returnal launches on 30 April 2021 only on PS5. Check out the trailer down below.






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