PS5 Expandable Storage Update Arriving Mid 2021 – Report

"Don't buy a drive yet."

PlayStation 5 PS5 Expandable Storage Sales Console Review
PS5 Expandable Storage Update Arriving Mid 2021 – Report

According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony is expected to release its PS5 expandable storage update sometime in summer 2021 (winter in SA). The update will enable users to plug in a compatible storage device into the PS5 and extend its very-limited SSD.

According to the report, Sony has not enabled the feature yet due to an overheating issue the company is facing while doing internal tests. When Sony releases the update, they will also enable an advanced cooling operation which will unlock higher fans speeds to ensure the console does not overheat.


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Sony was originally meant to make the PS4 expandable storage update available “past launch” but it seems that certain things got in the way. This upcoming update will enable the now-empty slot for compatible M.2 SSDs. While the company has yet to announce a launch date or a specific list of compatible drives, it is expected to do so closer to the middle of the year.

We don’t know which drives will be compatible yet. However, Sony claims that as long as the drive can match the current PS5 SSD, it should work. While you should not rush out and buy a drive just yet, users should shop around for the latest generation SSDs that are capable of at least 5.5GB/s bandwidth. These drives are all categorized under the PCIe 4.0 NVMe standards and come in three physical sizes with various storage capacities.

Source: Bloomberg

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