PS5 Faceplate Photos Leak Revealing Swappable Design

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PS5 Faceplate Photos Leak Revealing Swappable Design

The outer shell of the PS5 could be swappable according to the first leaked photos of the faceplate. Photographs popped up online showing off the two sides of the device’s shell and it seems these two pieces of plastic can be easily slid downwards to unclip them off the PlayStation 5 console.

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If you look carefully at the design, the inners of the PS5 faceplate seem to feature a clip-like design which points upwards. This is to say, the black part of the console, which houses all the tech, may have holes for these to slide into. This means users could easily slide the plate off and on. It makes sense that these plates could be replaceable with others. The original PS4 included a swappable faceplate even though it was just the smaller upper part of the console.

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It makes it even more possible due to the fact that there seem to be no screws on these PlayStation 5 faceplates at all. Sony may indeed sell alternate versions of these plates which users can use to swap out the ones that come with their console. However, don’t get your hopes up just yet. The PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro also include a top faceplate that can be removed by unclipping it. This design choice was simply to help users clean their PS4 fan and nothing else. Sure, you can swap your plate with another one but they are not available for sale.

Sony may follow this trend with the PS5 and just allow users to remove the faceplate in order to clean the fan. There could be more going on here but until the company confirms otherwise, don’t go saving up for optional faceplates just yet.

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